Guangxi new social class person holds a gas volleyball friendly match

On July 3, Guangxi New Sales held the "Guangxi New Forces, Senress New Journey" in Nanning International Convention and Exhibition Center – the new social 上海新茶资源 class celebration celebrates the 100th Anniversary of the Communist Party of China.

At the opening ceremony, 100 new social classes who participated in the event at the scene and lounged "There were no new China without the Communist Party", and the new social class was founded to the 100th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party. Excited mood.

The six teams in the competition were struggling, concentric, revitalized, revived, and the new force as their respective team names. The new social class people will always go with the party and the new journey.

In the competition, each athlete is united on the court, struggling to struggle, saving sweat, every run, jump, blocking, buckle, bulld of the audience’s audience; cheerleading is not willing to show weakness, no longer giving The team 上海浦东水磨的场子 fuelfully, shouting, the atmosphere was very warm.

Through the intense competition, finally, the Fuxing team won the championship, the Red Boille won the runner-up, the new force team won the quarter; the concert team, Zhenxing team, the struggle won the winning 上海比较大的娱乐会所 award.

Members who participated in the event were very happy. Everyone agreed that this gas roster activity effectively improved the sense of participation, the activities not only enriching everyone’s cultural and sports life, promoting communication between members, but also enhanced The friendship between each other and the team spirit of unity and friendship, struggling to struggle; everyone has said that this kind of sports activities that are beneficial to the physical and mental health and effectively enhancement of the new parliament will be organized. (Guiduan Xuan).


Chengdu Qingyang Education System held the theme activities of "Youjiaqing Qingyang Pigura"

Poetry recitation.

Qingyang District Education Bureau is for the map of the People’s Daily, June 21, April 21, the CPC Chengdu Qingyang District Committee Education Work Committee, Chengdu Qingyang District Education Bureau held "Youjiaqing Qingyang Li Ziyi Centennial" "Theme activity.

This event is the theme of "Youjia Li Qingyang Li," is designed to concentrate on the development of Yangyang Education under the strong leadership of the Communist Party of China, and lead the development of "Youqi Qingyang" development with high quality party building, further condensed, Inspire the majority of party members and cadres teachers to 上海电话品茶90分钟两次 accelerate the promotion of modernization, building education strong districts, and do a good job of intelligence and strength. The activity is divided into "Youth Years," "Youth Family Mission" "When the fire is swearing", "" Striving to the New Tour ", the show is a variety of programs, innovative, deep connotation, exciting, Fully demonstrates the education of Yangyang inheriting the red gene, loyal party, and implements the fundamental task of standing German people, promoting education equity, providing quality education, promoting education equilibrification modernization. "Youjiao 上海品茶高端场子 Qingyang Party Building a Leading".

This year, the Qingyang District Education System has selected 70 outstanding party members, 30 outstanding party workers, 7 grassroots advanced party organizations, and selected 10 school-characteristic party building brands. The event has been commended for all kinds of winning delegates, and the new era of party members and cadres teachers are incentive. The relevant person in charge of Qingyang District said that Qingyang Education will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the party, in-depth implementation as party education, for the national training, to build a high-quality education system, create a new benchmark of "Youqi Qingyang", to run the people Satisfactory education, the development of the reform of the party ‘s education. (静 武, Liu Zijun) 松江大学城后街怎么耍 (Editor: Yuan Yizhen, Gao Hongxia).


Chonghui Nantong old man was treated to urban governance and then knocking the alarm "third party" 上海24小时按摩 behavior boundary must be cleared

On December 6, the third-party city city, the third-party city city, the third-party city, the third-party city, the people of Samsui Town, Nantong City, Jiangsu Province, to take public opinion attention. After things happen, Samsung Town has terminated cooperation with the third party city. Yesterday, the Supervision Committee of the Haimen District Commission for Discipline Inspection has notified accountability, except for 1 person to relieve labor relations, the district city management bureau, and the Samsui Town Government has been politicing.

This accountability process can be described as quickly decisive, proactive, and the event is reflected in the event.

We noticed that on the afternoon of the 7th, the Haimen District Government also held a political 上海喝茶场子 meeting of urban management law enforcement in the district in this incident, deeply absorbed lessons, promoted civilized law enforcement, and warm law enforcement. City management is the daily duty of the governments of all parts of government, but it is very easy to trigger social responsibility in the dealer specification. After the incident, people naturally associate with the "rough law enforcement" in Nantong a few months ago. On September 15 this year, the Urban Management Committee of Nantong Economic and Technological Development Zone strengthened the damaged pole, and ruthlessly fell and hit the elderly. In the two incidents, an old man sells sugar cane, and the coarse is a third-party city, and an old man sells a beans. Regardless of the co-administrator or a third-party company personnel, it can be clear that they have no law enforcement.

According to the administrative punishment law, administrative mandatory law, administrative mandatory measures can only be exercised by the staff of law enforcement agencies. The "Guiding Opinions on" In-depth Promotion of Urban Law Enforcement System Reform "in 2015, also pointed out that the coordinating personnel can only cooperate with law enforcement personnel to engage in publicity and education, inspections, information collection, illegal acts, etc. The transaction must not engage in specific administrative law enforcement work. It is necessary to be alert that, in the process of urban management, provide the city’s outsourcing service, whether the behavior specification is implemented, whether the work supervision is implemented? Because once these institutions are constrained, the incidents of the off -ral derailment are hurt, and the government’s credibility is also damaged.

"People’s Daily" commentary said this: "Urban management business outsourcing, not an external package of administrative law enforcement. Not more, buy service, urban management department can take hands no matter what to innovate urban governance, introduction of third-party resources is not unable, key What can be done, what can’t be done, what should I do, what should I do, what should be clear, clear norms, the government can not ‘big sprinkle’, cut the defense power, the security, the "China Youth Daily" comment, For the disadvantage of "urban management outsourcing", the relevant departments must scientifically investigate and avoid them in the system.

If you do not add requests in the access threshold, the rule of law concept, education and training, post responsibility, the assessment incentive method, etc. The service citizen has changed to the public "add blocking". "新 新闻" comments also stated that the government can purchase services, but the power is not allowed by the profitable company, otherwise it has crossed the boundary. Among this incident, a company is required to undertake the responsibility of "public management", to deal with the minor violation of the road, and the law is illegal. The company is profitable, for motivation, etc.

Drops can not be limited to apologies and vital, compared to "to apologize" "people", how to reflect on work mechanisms, plug, and practice in a benign operation, it is the correct direction to solve the problem. Nantong’s same field has repeatedly appeared in the pool, which not only sounds the alarm to local urban managers, but also proposed important urban governance issues from all over place.

As the "Half Month Talk" commentator said, "Minsheng has temperature, law enforcement has a scale, and development can have temperature and thickness." (Editor: Tang Wei, Wu Ji Pan) Share more people see.


Baohe District promotes "double minus" policy to implement the fooling online Hefei Channel Hefei News Hefei Information

Since the implementation of the 上海喝茶龙凤 policy of "double reduction" policy, the Baohe District Academic Sports Bureau has been governed from operation management, school training institutions, improves the quality of classroom teaching, after-school services, strengthening supervision and other aspects, and strives to "double reduction" policy in Baohe Implement decall. The region established a work project and discipline working group to understand the research progress and specific initiatives of the discipline operations, and developed the "unit operation example" of various disciplines. " "Shengben Wisdom Class" in scientific education, smart teaching, implement teaching researcher "into the school, resident, Baoke, follow class", pay attention to teaching quality; establish a post-class service R & D center, 上海贵族宝贝交流 after-school service course The library, enriched personalized courses, 虹口js漂亮的油压店 realize the full coverage of after school, meet the multiculturalism of students and parents.

Up to now, there are 100,528 students to participate in the post-class service, and the participation rate is%.

  In addition, the Education Supervision Department of Baohe District also implemented the "double mining" work into the supervision content, carrying out the "double mining" work supervision, responsibility supervision through inspection campus, check the information, push the door, the questionnaire, visiting teachers and other means , Full-coven field supervision of primary and secondary schools in the district.


Cop26 Negotiators Rush To Get DEAL

ApersonwalkspastaprojectionduringtheUNClimateChangeConference (COP26) inGlasgow, Scotland, Britain, November1,2021. [Photo / Agencies] COP26PresidentAlokSharmareleasedearlyonFridaymorningtheseconddraftofaGlasgowagreementonclimateaction, whichincludedanexpressionof "deepregret" ov, visitingdozensofnationaldelegationsinabidtogettheagreementoverthelineonthefinaldayofthe26thUnitedNationsClimateChangeConferenceoftheParties, 上海静安水磨会所 ncludedforthefir, andnowappliesto "inefficient" fuelsubsidiesand "unabated" ,, arguingthatthequalifier "inefficient" reementisnow "criticallyweakened". However, negotiatorsfromseveraldevelopingnationscontendthatthefirstdraftunfairlyshiftedresponsibilityontopoornationsfromrichones ,, includingChina, whichhaveformedtheLikeMinded-GroupofDevelopingCountries, ortheLMDC, hadquestionedhowcountrieswithoutwell-developedcleanenergyinfrastructureweresupposedtomakearapidlow-carbontransitionwhenrichcountriesstillhadnotdeliveredonapromisetoraise $ 100billioninannualclimatefinance. "UndertheParisAgreementfinanceisanob ligation, financeisnotcharitytodevelopingcountriesfromthedevelopedworld, "BoliviannegotiatorDiegoPachecoBalanzasaidonThursday, sspecialclimateenvoy, XieZhenhua, saidlastweekthat" deepregret "thatfinancegoalshadnotbeenreachedand" urged "richnationstodelivertheannual $ 100billion" urgently "sby2022, arecognitionthatcurrentpledgesarenot ,, 上海品茶论坛网址 UnitedNationsSecretary-GeneralAntonioGuterr, fossilfuelsubsidies, coalandmethanereduction, andengagementwiththeprivateandfinancesectors." Buttheyarefarfromenough, "GuterressaidonThursday." lopingworld. " NegotiationSoverArticle6OFTheparisagreement, Whichconcernscarbonmarketsandremainsunfinished, CountriesthathaveExceededEmissionsReductionTargetscansellcarboncreditstoothAnationsorFirms ..


Beijiao office online personal investor threshold 10 million yuan

Original title: Beijiao office online personal investor threshold 10 million yuan this newspaper (Reporter Sun Jie Panfu) China Securities Association recently "publicly issued stocks to non-specific qualified investors and listed in Beijing Stock Exchange Management Rules 上海闵行kb (Draft for Comment) "to ask the broker.

According to the Subject, other agencies, other agencies, other institutional investors, other institutional investors, other agencies, such as securities companies, fund management companies, trust companies, financial companies, insurance companies, and other institutions such as investors such as investors, or their management products. The asset should be no 上海华亭品茶 less than 10 million yuan, and the securities account assets of individual investors should be no less than 10 million yuan. Offline investors are mainly investors who participate in the stock network inquiry and placement business.

The comment on the opinions of the investment experience, credit status, pricing capacity, investment fund strength, etc., the details of online investors registration, and will be able to participate in the Beijiao office publicly issued and listed on the website inquiry and placement network The investors are divided into three categories: professional institutional investors, general agencies investors and individual investors. Among them, professional institutional investors refer to securities companies, fund management companies, trust companies, financial companies, insurance companies, qualified foreign investors, etc., private equity, private equity fund managers, futures companies, registered registered in the Association And its asset management subsidiaries. In addition to other agencies outside the professional institutional investors, there are general institutions underline investors.

  After the six institutional investors are registered as a online investor, they can directly participate in public issuance and listed stocks online inquiry Placing business. Private equity fund managers, futures companies and their asset management subsidiaries, general agencies investors and individual investors, meet certain conditions and recommend registration through recommendation brokerage, and can participate in public issuance and listed stocks online inquiry Placing business. According to the requirements, the personal investor’s securities account assets should not be less than 10 million; the net assets of securities account assets other than other institutional investors other than the six institutions of institutions should not be less than 10 million. Yuan.

  It is understood that investors who can participate in the Beijiao Office and the listing of inquiry and placement business are mainly divided into three categories: professional institutional investors, general agencies investors and individual investors.

This reflects the diversification and inclusiveness of the main body of the North Exchange.

In fact, the inquiry and placement business of the Shanghai and Shenzhen motherboards also allows individual investors to participate, but the asset standards are as high as 60 million yuan. It should be noted that on September 17, the Beijiao has released the "Beijing Stock Exchange Investor’s appropriateness management method (trial)".

According to the regulations, individual investors participate in the purchase of new stocks and secondary market trading in the North Exchange market, which must meet two conditions: First, the application authority is not less than the 200 trading day, the asset date is not less than RMB 50 One million yuan (excluding funds and securities integrating the investor through financing), the second is to participate in the securities transaction for 24 months. (Editor: Bao Congying, Gao Xing) Sharing let more people see.


Dawan District Forum held in Hong Kong to focusing RCEP new opportunities

  Xinhua News Agency, Hong Kong, November 30 (Reporter Wang Wei) "2021 Dayan District Forum" was held in Hong Kong on November 30. The theme of this forum is "New Opportunities New Pattern: Guangdong and Hong Kong, Macau Duwan District for RCEP".

The forum is held in line with the line on the line, focusing on different fields such as financial services, trade logistics, professional services, and cultural tourism, explores how the city has jointly grasps the development opportunities of Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao District.

  The Vice President of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference said that when the video speech

  Liang Zhenying pointed out that RCEP’s significance of Hong Kong is not that Hong Kong itself is a production side or a consumer side, but is in close contact with the mainland, because the mainland has a strong production assembly capacity and huge consumer market.

Hong Kong should be more proactive to seize the opportunity, and the potential opportunities brought by RCEP and Dawan District into economic development and social progress. Liu Guangyuan, a special member of the Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said 上海龙凤资源汇总群 that the incurred fruitful fruitful results in the construction of the Taiwan District have fully highlighted the determination of China’s expansion, showing the system advantage of "one country and two systems". The "14th Five-Year Plan" gives Hong Kong "a center, three hubs" positioning will further strengthen Hong Kong as the role of China and the world "super contact" role, and set sails for Hong Kong development and Dawan District.

  Zhou Shuchun, the President of China Daily, said in a video speech that RCEP is a win-win proposal, benefiting all kinds of economies, regardless of its size, and the level of economic development.

Develop members can improve production standards and income levels with incurring investment, thereby enhancing value chains; developed members 上海品茶90分钟两次 can reduce management fees by establishing production bases in ASEAN countries, while also catering to the local market.

  Zheng Li-fen, deputy secretary general of Hong Kong, said that the Guangdong and Hong Kong, Macau Bay Area is a strong economic growth engine. RCEP is the largest single free trade agreement in the world, and the combination of the two is key. RCEP promotes regional market integration between 15 economies and markets in Asia. At the same time, the Daxan District also promoted the integration development between 11 key cities and became the most vibrant Bay area in South China.

This will open a new chapter in Hong Kong story.

  It is reported that this forum has been held by China Daily Society to hold a large alliance, attract more than 30 national consuls and more than 460 people from the SAR Government, China Union Office, Hong Kong and international enterprises, experts and other participants.

(Editor: Liu Jie, Yan Wei) Share more people to see.


Eat mountain medicine, spleen, stomach (Chinese medicine health)

Original title: Eating the mountain medicine to spleen and healthy stomach (Chinese medicine health) Yam Not only a vegetable, or a Chinese medicine.

  Yam contains a variety of nutrients, such as protein, polysaccharide, dopamine, hydrochloride, maneuvein, vitamin, calcium, magnesium, copper, iodine, uterin, saponins, choline, etc., has nourishing yin, blood sugar, Spleen and gastric, puzzle health, improve immunity, delay aging, converge in diarrhea, etc. Yam is mainly divided into two categories, iron stick yam and ordinary yam.

From Henan Jiaozuo (formerly Huaiqingfu), 娱乐地图ylmap there is a trace like rust on the yam, so the local mountain medicine is called "Huai Mountain". Iron stick yam "Mao" big, hairy long, skin color is deeper than ordinary yam, generally longer than 1 meter, rough two fingers, slice after color porcelain white, texture is also harder. Delicate, very boiled. Ordinary yam is also called vegetables.

Compared to iron rod yam, ordinary yam is relatively 美女自荐上海夜生活 large, and the granules will be more obvious. It is not as delicate as the iron stick yam, so people often use ordinary yam to cook, such as fungus fried yam, lettuce fried mountain medicine. There is also a kind of yam called Xiao Baizhu Mountain, which has a long history in Anping County, Hengshui City, Hebei Province. Like the small white mouth and iron rods, it is a yam, which is a medicinal food. Its mouth is soft and sweet. It is better than the iron rod yam. The overall is relatively smooth, with purple spots, with meat is white as jade, leather peeling, etc. Features.

(Editor: Musheng Yu, Zhu Hongxia) Share more people to see.


A boat bean starts Shanghai state-owned enterprises to open the world’s "four grain vendors" gate

Shanghai state-owned enterprises have opened the world’s "four grain vendors" gate, and enter the coffee bean imported core circle to start, from zero to the national second newspaper (Reporter Xu Meng) When I first entered the Expo, Shanghai Donghao Lansheng The International Trade Group cooperated with the Papua New Guinea Enterprise, tried to import a ship coffee bean.

In the three years, I borrowed the Boy Benefits, starting from a boat bean, and today the International Trade Group has become the second largest commercial cafe importer in China.

"The ship’s coffee beans is a ‘knocking on the door."

"The relevant person in charge of Dong Halan Lansheng International Trade Group introduced that before entering the Expo, the company has never involved in the import procurement business of coffee beans. It is the magnification effect of the single business and the Expo, which makes Shanghai State-owned enterprises to decide. The field. In recent years, domestic coffee markets flourish, chain coffee shop, major coffee brands on soybeans demand blowout. However, in addition to the imported soybeans required for foreign-funded enterprises such as Nestlé, the number of domestic traders is not much There is a larger business figure, there is a gap in supply and demand.

Last year, a chain coffee brand in China launched high-end "small black cup". Dong Halan Lansheng International Trade Group cooperated with the French Louis Dafu Group, one of the world’s "four major grainers", imported 闵行4t论坛 high-end coffee beans from Ethiopia, became a "small black cup" supplier, and fired in the Chinese market. As a result, two companies have deepened cooperation and continuously expand import business. Yesterday, both sides signed a contract on this session, and intended to further reach a 50 million yuan coffee bean procurement contract, and planned to carry out a deeper multi-faceted cooperation.

This year, Jiaji, Louis Dadu, ADM, and Bangji globally "four grainers" gathered in the fair.

In the past three years, Dong Halan Lansheng International Trade Group has started from entering the Expo, and opened the door of "Four Grain Business" to enter the core circle of coffee beans. The business of the company has grown rapidly from zero, according to the statistics of the Customs 上海水磨工作室 Department, the total amount of commercial cafe has jumped in the second country in the first three quarters of this year, and he became an important income growth point. "After cooperation with the ‘four major food companies’, we are very touched.

"Vice President of Dong Halan, the vice of the Chinese Tradey Group I only earn "fast money" and I can have the right to speak and pricing.

"We have gained valuable experience through open cooperation.

The transformation direction of the International Trade Group is to form a leading position in the segmentation market through professional capacity. "Dong Hao Lansheng Group Party Committee Secretary, Chairman Cao Wei" said.

(Source: Liberation Daily) (Responsible: Yan Yuan, Han Qing) Share let more people see.上海夜生活体验网


Beijing: "Tianzhi World: Surveying Travel" Art Exhibition Opening

On June 5, 202, Beijing Blue Harbor Kun Art Museum Exhibition site. On June 5, 2021, the Art Exhibition of the Tianzhi World: 上海新茶私人工作室 Surveying Travel Examination kicked off at the Beijing Blue Harbor Kun Art Museum.

According to the exhibition policy, Douglaslewis, in 2021, the world is facing many challenges such as diseases, climate, economics, and artists show our exports to explore our new world through the multi-art form of painting, sculpture, new media.

(Zhang Nan / People) (Statement: Anything with the word "People", is copyrighted by the copyright picture, subject to legal protection, use (including reproduced), welcome to purchase: 010-65363478 or 021-63519288.

) On June 4, 2021, Beijing Blue Harbor Kun Art Museum Exhibition on-site exhibition.

On June 4, 2021, Beijing Blue Harbor Kun Art Museum exhibited on-site exhibition. On June 4, 2021, Beijing Blue Harbor Kun Art Museum exhibited on-site 上海龙凤419后花园 exhibition.

On June 4, 2021, Beijing Blue Harbor Kun Art Museum exhibited on-site exhibition. On June 4, 2021, Beijing Blue Harbor Kun Art Museum exhibited on-site exhibition. On June 4, 2021, Beijing Blue Harbor Kun Art Museum exhibited on-site exhibition. On June 4, 2021, Beijing Blue Harbor Kun Art Museum exhibited on-site exhibition.